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Palomar Campout

Posted by Troop117LongBeach on October 22, 2012 at 2:40 AM

Our trip to Palmomar was a huge success.

Located about 40 minutes south of Temecula, Palomar State Park is a very nice campground and we found out site perfect, full of large canopy trees.

The boys decided to camp up the hillside in the own "space" and set up a nice little camp. Only a few scouts decided to pitch a tent. The others opted for cots outside or an hamock.

We arrived about 9pm Friday (traffic was a bit of a mess due to an accident), pitch camp and settled in without much fush.

Early Saturday boys cooked pancakes and added a few extra ingredients. The strawberries weren't bad, but not sure about the bacon pancakes. 

Jaren earned his Cooking Merit Badge this campout, and Cody earned his Camping Merit Badge.

Later that afternoon we took a tour of the Palomar Observatory. All the boys really seemed to enjoy it. One because is was cooler inside the observatory than out, and second, I think they really enjoyed the tour for all the thoughtful questions they asked. Jake even got a special "badge" for operating the simulated "telescope model"

The tour last about an hour and we learned a lot, including the fact that this 80 year old telescope still rivals a lot of the competion of today and it is truly and engineering marvel in its design and operatbility.

The price was very reasonable, only $ 5.00 per person. The docents were very knowledgeble and really seemed to enjoy doing their jobs. We learned quite a lot of history and the boys seemed to be amazed at the engineering feats involved in building the telescope.

They only disappointment was the tour did not include a walk outside on the catwalk (which they had offered a few years ago) allowing a nice panoramic view of the Palomar Mountains and the other telescopes used.

Afterwards, back at camp, a few of the scouts headed off for the fishing pond. Unfortnately is wasn't the best fishing. The pond was down due to lack of rain, but I think they still had a good time nevertheless.

That night for dinner, the boys made steak fijitas! Wow talk about delicious and filling. We stuffed ourselves and barely had room for the dutch over monkey bread. Cudos to our cheifs, Nathan and Ben! 

Saturday night the boys retired "up the hill" for a game of poker, (yes, this SM allows it, because the boys have a lot of fun and time to themselves and its always friendly) while the SM attended to the campfire and tried not to fall asleep for being overly fed!

Sunday morning was an easy breakfast and pack up. The drive back was much quicker than up. All the boys said it was one of the best campouts they had, so I guess it was a sucess!

Thank you Mr. Steidl for once again being my second and making this campout possible. Thank you Michael B for stepping up with Jake to do the food purchasing eventhough you couldn't come and thank you Pam for driving Jake up at the crack of dawn so he cold to join us (eventhough you couldn't stay for a cup of coffee and had to race back home)

And thank you scouts for planning out a very filling menu and for your co-operation. It was a pleasure to take you camping and I am glad all of you had a great time.


Your SM

Mrs. Gross

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