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School Night for Scouting - Information

Posted by Troop117LongBeach on August 23, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Here is the information about School Night for Scouting.

The Long Beach Area Council is sponsoring a huge recruitment event targeting all 74 elementary schools in our district. The primary focus in recruiting new Cub Scouts and to bring visibility to both Packs and Troop in our district.

This event will take place Thursday, Sept 26, from 6-8 pm.

Packs and Troops volunteering are each given an elementary school to host.

Troop 117 is assigned to Emerson Elementary, which is just down the street from St. Gregory's. Pack 117 will be hosting at Newcomb, but we plan to work jointly at both schools in order to highlight both the Pack 117 and Troop 117.

In addition, Dana Brown, a District Committee member will be hosting Kettering Elementary on 7th street which is a natural feeder into Pack 117. He will be working jointly with us to provide information about our pack and troop to families visting Kettering that night.

The Council has provided all the promotional materials needed for setting up this event from flyers, yard signs, posters, postcards, boys life mini magazines, youth and adult applications, and sample patches for display table.

They have also done some of the paperwork leg work for us by already getting District approval to host this event from the Long Beach School District, ABC School District and Bellflower School District.

In addition they have set up a preparation timeline for this event and even provided a sample of how to set up a room, what you should do to host the event.

Host's Job....

Each hosting troop or pack will work  with their school to obtain permission from the Principal to host the event, secure a location, and promote that event through flyer distribution, getting the word out through the school's email newsletter system and advertising on the school marquee

We will set up the room for the event, highlighting what the scouting program is all about through displays and interactive tables.

In order to accomplish this, we need as much help as we can get from parents and scouts.

Those interested in joining, we will have appication there that night for them to fill out with a special promotion fee for joining for September until the end of the year

      Cost: $ 20.00 to sign up a child and a parent, and $ 14.00 for each additional child in the family.

     This fee covers their registration, boy's life magazine, first handbook, Bob cat book

     Cash or Check made payable to Long  Beach Area Council is acceptable.

 After the event we will turn in the applications and money to the Council Office who will inturn provide the materials which we will then distribute to the new members.

What we want Troop 117 to do....

1. Make two display boards (one for Emerson, one for Newcomb), highlight Troop 117 activities.

2. Set up a display table at both sites showcasing our achievments, including showcasing our Eagles

3. At Emerson, scout come in Class A uniforms and do an opening Flag Ceremony

4. Provide an easy, interactive activity younger kids can easily participate in.

To make this a sucess, we need as many people in the Troop to get involved, both parents and scouts. 

More info to follow later...

Mrs Gross

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